Debt consolidation is nothing but a new loan which is availed in order to pay off several other liabilities as well as consumer debts, which are mostly unsecured ones. A combination of several debts is made into a single one, and then paid off in regular instalments monthly against a lower rate of interest. Let’s make an effort to understand as what exactly is the Debt Consolidation Loan Process.


All you need to do is to take, loan amount, and make use of the funds to pay off to the creditors. You can make monthly payments to clear of the loan. You can avail this loan by making application with the lenders in the market offering debt consolidation loan, or with any bank. You can also get this loan as home equity loan which can be against your existing home.

Debt consolidation is done by combining several unsecured debts which may include credit cards bill, medical bills, personal loans, payday loans, and many more are there on the list. You can save yourself from preparing so many checks to pay off creditors on monthly basis. After getting the fund you can consolidate the bills into single payment, and then write one single check.

There are many lending companies in the market and you need to make an online application with them for the required amount of loan. Till the time you are sure that you can afford the single premium of Debt Consolidation Loan, you can go ahead to apply for the Debt Consolidation Loan Process.

Lenders are responsible to make the doubts clear regarding debt consolidation loans before offering the same to borrower. experts are associated with the companies to deal with queries raised by customer. One needs to have clear concept about this loan and how it can improve financial condition of a person.

  1. I made a payment of $900 as advised by office Jason but i didnt get the money. Saying it is not approved, please advise

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