Debt Consolidation Loan

Golden Credit; we help you keep finances under control!!

Say Goodbye to those all your confusing loan repayments. Get them merged into one with our debt consolidation loan.

Debt consolidation is a process in which you acquire one loan to pay off all your running debts. Golden Credit offers bespoke debt consolidation loan; a great option for those who really find it tough to manage so many payments.

To keep things simple and easy to control we make sure that your entire focus is on just repaying one debt rather than getting perplexed in managing many. Our prodigious staff can help in formulating personalized solutions for your financial deficits and come up with just the right resolution for you.

Our personalized debt consolidation loans are practically safe and have quick approval rate, allowing you to handle all your monetary matters with ease. With the entire payment schedule accustomed to your benefit, you can save yourself from paying individual interest from previous creditors. If you are

  • Ø 21-65 years of age
  • Ø Have an annual income of S$ 20,000 or more
  • Ø Hold Singapore Citizenship
  • Minimum Annual income of S$20,000
Then, you can easily get the debt consolidation loan from us. Our commitment to ensure 100% transparency in our services makes the loans process easy. Understanding the need of hour when stuck in emergency, we make sure that there is no delay in the monetary aide when you are looking for quick cash. Trust us to get you out of fiscal troubles anywhere in Singapore.
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