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Short-Term Loan - Do i need one?

Short-Term Loan Spent all of your salary on a shopping spree just 1 week after receiving it? Need money to get you through until the next pay check but feeling ashamed to borrow from your family or friends?

Fret not, we’re here to help. We offer payday loans for such instances, contact us now to get you through with a customized and comfortable repayment plan for you today!

Why get a Short-Term loan from us, a licensed money lender?

  •  Our Short-Term loans are straightforward, say goodbye to confusing plans!
  •  Quick Cash to help you till your next payday
  •  We have a quick approval rate
  •  Easy to apply, takes less than 60 seconds to apply
  •  Non bias, we serve all customers who meet the eligibility
  •  100% transparency, no hidden clauses!

Do i qualify?

  •  You are a Singaporean
  •  You are at least 21 years old
  •  You have a valid bank account
  •  You are currently employed