What's the benefit of having a credit card if you cannot use it when required? Worry no more!

Golden Credit is here with the option to preserve your card limit, and have it handy as and when needed.

Designed especially to cater the needs of Credit Card users who want to reserve their card facilities, Golden Credit offers Credit Preservation loan. Pay the outstanding levies with our tailor made loan to avail your card's benefits.

Our credit preservation loans are easy to apply and 100% transparent.

Golden Credit is proud to be an IPTO approved and licensed moneylender, ensuring 100% secure transactions. If you are on the lookout for someone who can help you with some quick cash without worrying of stringent legal formalities, then you can trust us.

Getting your loan approved is as easy as it can be.To get credit preservation loan from all, all you need to do is fulfil the eligibility criterion mentioned below -

  • Belong to age group of 21-65 years
  • Possess a legal identity proof
  • Be a permanent resident or citizenship of the country
  • RHave a gross income of S$ 20,000 or more

That's about it!
  • No long waiting intervals
  • No stressful application processes
  • No hassle

This is what we are all about. So, if you are stuck in a financial fix, then worry no more. Come to us to get a solution for all your credit problems. Golden Credit , a partner you can always bank upon

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